Our company mission has the following objectives:

KVH Consultancy provide consultancy and supervision services for your projects and investments worldwide.

We provide you with accurate and structured management and sales solutions for your organisation.

Furthermore, we can rely on strong and established connections worldwide which is built on trust, honesty and professionalism and are focused on benefits for her clients, ensuring budgeting, time and money.

KVH Consultancy can also rely on a team of multidisciplinary experts combining extensive business expertise and business processes.

Development and Promotion

Development and promotion of business, industrial, economic, cultural and social interests.

Creation of opportunity for mutually beneficial business interactions between entrepreneurs / enterprises with a view to forging business partnership as well as leveraging business environments.

Facilitation of the realization of inward and outward investments for the partners for the attainment of a healthy balance of trade between them.

Our experienced senior executives can be hired on a short-term basis of three months or on long term basis up to three years as interim manager as well.

We always work on cost-effective solutions, Loyal to your business objectives, Flexible to your needs.

Be free to contact us for further information and pricing.

Providing Supervision and Assistance

Supervision of Investment projects for companies, associations, non-governmental organizations and governments.

Assistance with the preparation of the necessary investment files with the aim of obtaining the necessary financing and / or subsidy from investors for the projects of our clients.

·Improvement of activities (cost, quality, speed).
·Improvement of sales and marketing.
·Improvement of business plan.

Our methodology is based on five steps :
·Execution & Implementation